Shoreline Contractors, Inc

Services for Yacht Clubs & Marinas

Marina Renovation/ New Marina Construction

In the mid 80’s, we were contracted to reconstruct Battery Park Marina in Sandusky. The project consisted of demolition of the existing docks and stone filled cribs, closing the existing entrance with a sheetpile cell, excavation of a new entrance, construction of a breakwater extension and drilling and grouting of 15” diameter pipe piles into a limestone bottom for new floating docks. The project was completed in June of 1986.

Our marine construction services include:


· Marina Renovation/ New Marina Construction

· Geotechnical Borings

· Underwater Operations

Geotechnical Borings

Geotechnical borings and test borings are often required offshore to determine bottom soil samples prior to construction of large scale projects. Our barges are equipped with “through hull” drill compartments to allow easy set up for drill rigs aboard the barge.


We have supplied Geotechnical borings barges and crews for:


Cedar Point, the U.S. Coast Guard, the City of Sandusky, Quay 55, North Coast Harbor, ODNR (at Wildwood Marina), NEORSD (at Westerly WWTP), and various engineering firms.

Underwater Operations

Our employees also include commercial divers.

We do underwater operations such as underwater inspections, repair, drilling and grouting, cutting and welding, and salvage operations.


In 1979, we successfully salvaged two 20’ diameter by 35’ high sewage treatment tanks belonging to the regional sewage district. These tanks had been lost during transport on Lake Erie when severe weather arouse. The search and salvage operation took two weeks around the clock. Once located, the tanks were recovered from a depth of 70’.


In the fall of 1987, the Sandusky Yacht Club retained our services to enlarge their basin and construct a new marina which included:


· 610’ rubble mound breakwater

· Dredging of 30,000 cubic yards

· Construction of 240 linear feet of steel bin breakwater

· 1,800 linear feet of stone revetment

Other Major Projects: