Shoreline Contractors, Inc

About Us

Shoreline Contractors was incorporated in 1977 under its original name, SeaSearch. The company began as a search/salvage and diving company. By 1979, SeaSearch had begun an evolution into the marine construction industry. As the company grew in size and experience, the owners determined a new name should be chosen to reflect this growth. Thus, in 1986, SeaSearch, Inc. became Shoreline Contractors, Inc.


Our area of service extends from the Ashtabula area to the Port Clinton and Islands area, mainly along the shoreline, including rivers and harbors therein.

Company History

Mission Statement

In order to ensure a successful project, it must be planned right and built right. The extra effort up front in the planning and design phases will minimize maintenance, repairs, and cost overruns while increasing the resale value, utility, longevity and profitability of a project.


Armor Stone

We Supply Armor Stone


Through an arrangement with Wagner Quarries Company in Sandusky, Ohio, we are able to sort, load, and sell armor stone direct to other contractors or commercial businesses. Material can be provided F.O.B. (freight on board) the quarry or shipped to the site in 22 ton loads.


For more information on the Wagner Quarries Company, visit their website at: